Farm Credit Sales Leaders Conference
October 8-10, 2024 Omni Charlotte Hotel Charlotte, NC


Michael Vickers

Business Performance Coach


Michael Vickers inspires success! Michael redefines the possible for sales
professionals, leaders and managers. Whatever the sales or business
opportunity, Michael will enhance the odds. Every person who has an idea
to promote, a team to motivate, or a competitor to challenge will attain
a new level of success after an event with Michael. Whatever result you
are striving for, if it involves influencing others, or achieving success
through others, Michael will build your confidence and accelerate your
team’s performance.

A popular speaker, consultant and educator, Michael coaches thousands
of professionals every year to grow individual and organizational
performance. Summit Learning Systems, Michael’s training organization,
brings leading-edge strategies to clients in every sector of the North
American economy. Michael’s success is completely grounded in and built on his personal
experience. A consummate entrepreneur, Michael is a graduate of his own
franchised retailing enterprise, a manufacturing and distribution company,
and a highly successful publishing venture. A ceaseless innovator, Michael
is constantly researching leading companies, searching for best practices,
and distilling the experience of success, many of which can be found in
his best-selling books entitled, “Becoming Preferred: How to Outsell Your
Competition”, and “Dance of the Rainmaker: Creating Authentic
Differentiation in Today’s Competitive Marketplace”.

Michael also shares weekly insights as the host of the podcast,
"Becoming Preferred,” available wherever you get your podcasts.
Michael’s unique gift is his mastery of the art of influence, and his ability
to translate that mastery into practical, powerful techniques anyone can
use. His presentations are entertaining, intimate and unabashed and he is
hilarious in his stories, boundless in his enthusiasm, and relentless in his
message that success is available to everyone!


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