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October 8-10, 2024 Omni Charlotte Hotel Charlotte, NC


Rousawn Dozier


Rousawn Dozier & Associates


Dr. Rousawn has been described as charismatic, humorous, inspirational and communicative. However, if you’re familiar with his story, you’d probably refer to him as an overcomer. Raised in a government assisted single-parent household, Rousawn was exposed to poverty and violence in his youth. Every single day posed challenges and adversity; adversity that pushed him to the limit. Refusing to allow hardships to overcome him, Rousawn changed his perspective and began viewing his obstacles as opportunities to grow his mind, character and will power.
​Today, Dr. Rousawn is a keynote speaker, business consultant and mindset architect; a nickname he earned from his coaching clients. As a master storyteller, Rousawn wows audiences with passion, humor and his dynamic approach to mindset mastery. Individuals, teams and corporations have been impacted by his real, relational and transparent messages on how to be the architect of their lives. He trains and equips audiences to overcome fixed mindsets, limiting beliefs and fear by providing simple and applicable action steps.


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