Develop Your Directors and Strengthen Your Board

Today’s boards face a unique set of challenges and opportunities on behalf of the organizations they govern. Our board and director education programs help elevate board performance and empower individual directors with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to serve with greater confidence and enhanced credibility. We are experts in governance and board effectiveness for cooperative and member-governed organizations.

We offer several proven paths for board and director education and training:

  • The Governance Series Programs
  • Custom In-Boardroom Training
  • Experiential Leadership Programs

Clients tell us our highly-rated training and education for boards and directors help them elevate their performance and increase the value they add to overall achievement of their organization’s mission and objectives.

Governance Series

Our multi-year Governance Series programs bring together directors, faculty who are subject matter experts, and peer directors for a rich learning experience. Our faculty are carefully selected for their ability to provide fresh information, proven approaches, and strategic thinking in their areas of expertise. They understand our audiences and connect with them in ways that facilitate director learning and application of the material. 

In-Boardroom Training

Our In-Boardroom Training services provide thoughtfully designed and curated training and education sessions for boards on specific topics of board effectiveness. From roles and responsibilities of the board and management to the board’s role in strategy, we customize our training to the needs of cooperative directors and the objectives of their organizations. Our approach is geared to providing relevant knowledge and skills that are directly useful in the boardroom. 

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Experiential Leadership Programs

Our Experiential Leadership programs for board members and executive management provide a unique development opportunity for cooperative directors to learn key leadership lessons on the ground from major events in American history – lessons that are relevant for the boardroom today. 

Programs include:

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