Even Though You're Not Yet a CEO, You Can Think Like a CEO

Participants come together in a safe, confidential environment for executive development, to build a network of peers and to discuss and solve real-world business issues they are facing in their respective organizations.

The result is ultimately a deeper, shared understanding of exceptional executive leadership and management practices and a deeper appreciation of the challenges of performing in a C-level role and/or the potential transition to the Chief Executive Officer role.

Leading the Enterprise (formerly known as Executive Leadership Incubator) is cohort-based, multiple-session, peer-to-peer learning experience designed to provide C-level and CEO-bound participants in Farm Credit and Cooperatives with a developmental environment they would not otherwise have access to through traditional training programs or internal mentoring.

This group convenes twice a year (Spring and Fall).

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Learner-Driven, Experience-Based

Executive development is entirely about recognizing which experiences are essential for effective leadership at the senior level of an organization and then finding creative ways to learn from experience and anticipate future challenges. At the core of this program is the unique contribution each participant will make to the group discussion through contribution of questions, topics for discussion and sharing of relevant experiences connected to the leadership of their respective organizations.

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Proven Results

Reaching the top seat in any organization takes immense commitment, strong leadership skills and broad business knowledge. In its six years, nine Leading the Enterprise members have been promoted to CEO. Once they achieve that position, they leave the group and can recommend another high-potential leader from their organization to join.

Managing and Leading

  • Balancing Tasks & Relationships
  • Leading & Being Led by the Board
  • Change & Conflict – Within Your Team and in the Boardroom

Leadership Presence

  • Managing the Transition from C-Level to CEO 
  • Going it Alone – CEO Partnerships, Peers and Mentorship – Where & How to get It 
  • Maintaining & Fostering the Relationship with Un-selected Internal CEO Candidates
  • Farm Credit System CEO Panel

Strategic Thinking & Business Acumen

  • Leading in Ambiguity
  • Balancing Competing Demands – Customer, Team & Shareholder
  • Client Solutions Design and Development

Managing the Business and Finance

  • Metrics & Measurement – What Does the CEO Look at each Day?
  • Running the Enterprise (not a functional area)
  • Internal Business Practices/Process Investments
  • Front-end and Back-end Technology Managed Services Partners and Association/Bank Alliances

The Broader Environment

  • FCA/Regulatory Environment
  • FCC/Political Environment
  • Funding Corporation and Evolving Credit Environment

Once you reach the executive level, growth and success become less about skills and abilities and more about exposure and experience. [Leading the Enterprise] provides both, which gives additional confidence when you step into the CEO role. One of the biggest benefits of the program, though, is the exposure to the other outstanding leaders in the group, an invaluable network I still lean on regularly.

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