Expeditionary Sea Kayaking Leadership Experience

Join us in North Carolina's Barrier Islands

Place yourself in an active learning environment and develop professional insights where leadership principles merge with the dynamic challenges presented through a sea-kayaking expedition.

Holding the Edge highlights how to lead in a dynamic environment, considering multiple variables and accommodating multiple perspectives. The group learning environment will be challenging and will offer immense opportunities for feedback and growth.

This course will begin with five virtual sessions in September and October that cover expedition expectations and essential technical skills, as well as key leadership concepts like planning and forecasting, adaptation and communication. 

The sea kayaking and camping adventure will span five days in November in North Carolina’s barrier islands.

Who is this program for?

This program is appropriate for individuals at any leader level who are interested in self-discovery and simultaneously want to be challenged intellectually, physically, and emotionally, want to engage in a high-level team experience, and do not mind being uncomfortable for long periods of time.

Participants do not need to have prior sea kayaking or camping experience; professional sea kayak expedition facilitators will provide necessary instruction and oversight for all technical aspects of the experience. 

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Program Facilitator

John Regentin is the Vice President of Experiential Leadership. John is an experienced expedition leader with nearly 20 multi-week sea kayaking journeys under his belt. His longest trip was guiding a group across the Baltic Sea from Stockholm to Helsinki.

Please contact John Regentin at 717.752.0495 for more information.

The art of kayaking, like the art of leadership, depends on choosing the right direction and holding to your strategy – in this experience, the kayak’s edge – through any and all challenges, long enough to achieve the right path.

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