Inspire Vision & Develop Strategy for Optimal Business Results

In our increasingly tumultuous business environment, with unexpected changes upending processes and operations practically overnight, senior leaders need to be resilient and strategic and continually learn as they lead and inspire their teams of leaders.

Attend four multi-day, in-person workshops, supplemented with engaging, online sessions to maintain momentum and keep in touch with your fellow participants—your new Peer Accountability Network.

*Leading Leaders hasn’t been scheduled for 2024 as our consultants are refining the curriculum for this program based on valuable feedback we received from the inaugural program participants. We plan to schedule the next Leading Leaders cohort to launch either the 4th quarter of 2024 or spring of 2025. Please let us know if you’d like to be notified of the program dates once they are scheduled.

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    Senior leaders whose decisions affect an entire business function and for senior leaders whose decisions impact the entire association.


    Join us on an 18-month learning journey to absorb and practice key skills to develop strategic thinking and effective decision-making.

    • Attend four multi-day, in-person workshops, supplemented with engaging, online sessions to maintain momentum and keep in touch with your fellow participants – your new Peer Accountability Network.
    • Enjoy content and format developed and delivered by an expert FCCS team well-versed in adult learning and professional development, enhanced by outside experts and thought leaders, and informed by our clients and two Client Advisory Boards.
    • Experience “Friday Night in the ER,” an engaging simulation designed to make systems thinking fun while enlightening players about how to apply the approach in a complex, evolving situation.
    • Deliver real-world results through the Capstone Project, when you’ll take on a challenge or opportunity your organization is actually facing, undertake a year of research and analysis, and present your results to your CEO… all while deepening the leadership concepts explored during the program.

    Session 1: Navigating Leadership in Harsh Conditions
    Master leadership through the challenging simulation using Systems Thinking and understand how each decision has a consequence on your team and/or the association. Create and carry your Personal Learning Strategy outside of the classroom. Blow the rust off your networking skills and reinvigorate your conversation and relationship building.

    Session 2: Team Growth and Empowerment
    Nurture your team by learning to listen to unexpected voices and diversifying your workforce with new generations while building bench strength with your employees.

    Session 3: Bringing Vision to Life
    Take a deep dive into actionable steps that will guide you in developing your vision and strategy.

    Session 4: Exploring Your Leadership Depths
    Dive deep into colliding perspectives and explore wicked and kind problem solving strategies to help you navigate unexpected waters. Revisit "Friday Night at the ER" and your Personal Learning Strategy to measure your learning, and present your Capstone Project to your organization's leadership.

    • Eliminate silo thinking and apply systems thinking to benefit the whole organization
    • Establish your personal learning strategy
    • Master your conversation and rapport-building skills
    • Traverse generation gaps in the workforce with active listening skills
    • Employ heat experiences to maneuver competing stakeholder priorities

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