2024 Experience:

June 18-20, 2024

Great Falls, Montana

Join us in Great Falls, Montana.

This program is specifically designed for directors and executives as they face the challenges of setting strategy and guiding their organizations into a dynamic unknown future.

Using the perilous Lewis and Clark expedition as the historical backdrop and set in Great Falls, Montana, this experiential program focuses on strategic leadership skills for successfully leading into the unknown future. Directors and executives can’t see or predict the future with certainty. They must use approaches and mindsets that allow them to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks, without knowing exactly what the future holds. They must envision a future, anticipate obstacles, create opportunities, and lead their organizations with courage and foresight.

Through a combination of interactive classroom work and field experiences with our expert faculty, the events of the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1803 provide us today with insights and examples of shared leadership, strategic thinking and preparation, leveraging strengths and learning from diversity, communication and dealing with ambiguity, making critical decisions in uncertainty, embracing new possibilities, and leaving a lasting legacy.

Join us as we embark on our own journey of discovery at one of the important locations along the expedition route; view an ancient buffalo jump, tour the Missouri River and visit the first spectacular Great Fall. Experience these great leadership lessons through the eyes of Lewis & Clark and their intrepid team, and through looking at future trends in our world. 

Consider bringing your board and management team together for this program to support strategic thinking, planning, and team building.

For more information on the Lewis & Clark Experience for directors and executives contact Leslie Hilton,

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