With more than 20 years of experience, our team of technically competent and knowledgeable claim professionals provide claims administration, claims supervision and claims advocacy services to ensure your money, time and resources are spent wisely. We understand the need for prompt service and claim handling and are ready to assist you in all stages of your claim. We use a “hands on” approach to make sure your claims are settled fairly and quickly, whether it is a workers compensation, liability, or property claim.

We also supplement in-house claims activities by reviewing claim handling procedures and auditing claims processes. These types of reviews result in overall excellent claims outcomes for your organization, including maximum cost savings and optimum return to work timelines.

We offer:

  • Claims Management
  • Claims Advocacy
  • Claims Audit Services

Read more about these services below.

Claims Management

Our services include claim investigation, evaluation, negotiation, resolution, medical treatment oversight, and litigation management. We customize our claims management services to fit your unique program and provide the following services:

  • Supervise and oversee claim and litigation management program
  • Analyze claim reports for accuracy and trends
  • Coordinate and map claim management data
  • Utilize trend information to help clients manage risk
  • Develop litigation strategies and budgets
  • Develop and implement claim management standards, guidelines and procedures
  • Negotiate all final contracts
  • Oversee and provide authority on high cost cases
  • Report to clients: traditional, excess insurance and reinsurance carriers, brokers and fronting carriers

Please contact Naomi Baumann, Claims Director at 303.721.3263 for more information.

Claims Advocacy

Handling insurance claims can be both time consuming and potentially costly. Having an experienced representative who understands how insurance companies process claims can help maximize your recovery from your insurer or another third party.

Our dedicated team is responsive, experienced and results-focused and ensures that every claim reaches a fair and equitable outcome. 

Further we analyze claim reserves to reflect the true exposure of the claims to properly account for the claim cost(s). We complete a trend analysis to identify ways to manage risk and prevent future losses. Our claims staff has extensive experience in the insurance industry and is uniquely qualified to work aggressively on your behalf.

Claims Audit Services

We provide claims auditing services to assist self-insured clients in assuring claims are properly documented, reserved, maintained and managed. We utilize and apply industry standards, as well as client specific standards, expectations and performance guarantees. We tailor our audits to your needs and standards.

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