In the career of every team or project leader there comes a time when a team member’s performance isn’t meeting expectations.

The good news is you can learn skills that help you diagnose why there is a gap in expectations while using motivation to strengthen accountability.

Crucial Conversations for Accountability® skills help you deal with violated expectations early, discuss disappointments without encountering defensiveness, and solve accountability problems without damaging the relationship.

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    Our Crucial Conversations for Accountability® Programs are designed to reach the modern learner through micro-learning modules and social learning, virtually when practicable, in-person when possible. Learners will watch videos, participate in discussions and practice critical skills in small groups.

    The virtual sessions are led by a certified facilitator using a platform that duplicates the instructor led experience.


    For new and experienced leaders and project managers who manage people and projects.


    In-Person: A two-day (13 hours) classroom course
    Virtual Instructor Led Training:
    Five (5) two-and-a-half-hour sessions

    Session 1: Getting Unstuck

    • Identify problems contributing to poor results and struggling relationships

    Session 2: Master My Stories

    • Keep composure when feeling angry or defensive and identify what stories you are telling yourself

    Session 3: Start with Heart

    • Be clear with yourself and others about with what you really want

    Session 4: State My Path

    • Share strong opinions without shutting down others' viewpoints

    Session 5: Make it Safe

    • Create safety so you can talk with almost anyone about almost anything

    Session 6: Diagnose

    • Identify what’s contributing to the gap between expected and actual behavior.

    Session 7: Make It Easy

    • Don’t lead with YOUR ideas; start by asking others for theirs.

    Session 8: Make it Motivating

    • Highlight natural consequences to motivate rather than using coercion.

    Session 9: Move to Action

    • Turn each accountability discussion into a course of action that leads to better outcomes.
    • Identify and resolve performance problems
    • Strengthen trust and increase reliability
    • Stamp out inconsistency
    • Hold anybody accountable regardless of position or authority

    In Person Materials:

    • Learner Guide
    • Cue cards for each lesson
    • Model card
    • Crucial Accountability book
    • Course completion certificate
    • 6 weeks of ongoing learning experience

    Virtual Materials:

    • Digital learning guide
    • Digital Model card
    • Digital Crucial Accountability book
    • Digital Course completion certificate
    • 6 weeks of ongoing learning experience

Crucial Accountability offers hands on skills that we were able to take and immediately implement into our conversations throughout the association. The course was intentionally laid out in a way that kept us engaged and learning. I recommend this course for employees at all levels of the organization looking to improve their communication and effectiveness.

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