Each of our events is crafted to bring together inspiring keynote speakers, insightful and informative sessions and informal networking events. Attendees at our events consistently rate their experience in the top percentiles and believe that the event delivered new and useful information and that their attendance at the conference will positively impact them professionally.

Our Event Management Services Team brings to your event extensive experience in the areas of:

  • Event logistics
  • Marketing and branding
  • Financial and expense oversight
  • Program design and speaker recommendations
  • Onsite coordination and advisory
  • Post-event surveys

At times, clients reach out to us to request that we help them manage an event they’ve been hosting that has grown beyond their resources, or when they recognize that FCCS can help them create an even richer experience or reach a broader audience.

We’re committed to delivering high-caliber content and events. How can we assist your organization in delivering a powerful, highly professional event?

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