Is your organization considering a restructure, merger, consolidation or joint management as a possible strategic response to remain competitive and relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace?

We can facilitate discussions with leadership teams and boards of directors around the advantages and disadvantages, develop a project plan and schedule, identify resources to perform due diligence (legal, credit review, financial modeling), and assist in the creation of effective communication plans.

FCCS's skilled facilitators can encourage open and comprehensive boardroom conversation to ensure a smooth transition, asking insightful questions to reveal important information and expectations. Once a merger is approved, we can work with the combined board to establish an environment of open and effective communication, even as individual directors may be losing their positions as the board restructures.

Our Employee Engagement Surveys and Analysis can be conducted prior to and post-merger to measure employee engagement to inform leadership about how the merger impacted engagement and what they can be doing to better improve employee engagement long-term.

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