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2024 FCCS Conferences: The Transformation Revolution

The 2024 FCCS conference schedule promises a deep dive into how technology is transforming member expectations and ag lending, and how to transform teams to thrive in the Digital Age. Themed “The Transformation Revolution,” this year’s conferences will offer leading edge content alongside powerful networking opportunities.

“The annual conference theme serves as a guidepost for developing the learning
experiences at the conferences, and helps us narrow in on the nuances of each
conference, based on the audience and the goals and purpose,” says Jean Cantey
Segal, Chief Learning Officer with FCCS. “This year’s theme – The Transformation
Revolution – resonates because we’re in a time of such fast and dramatic change that
organizations are really going through an evolution.”

Central to defining each conference’s content are the steering committees, composed
of volunteer representatives from banks and associations who ensure that general
and breakout sessions are relevant to Farm Credit organizations today. This year’s
committees are applying the digital transformation lens to address issues confronting
our targeted audiences.

“Our committee members are each subject matter experts in their fields with firsthand knowledge of the challenges Farm Credit faces, and they have keen insight into
the issues that need to be addressed through the educational content we deliver,”
says Joette Cross. “Their input is invaluable because they bring diverse perspectives
and expertise that contribute to a well-rounded and inclusive conference experience.”
Joette will be retiring at the end of March; taking over as Vice President of Event
Management is Paula Horwitz, who has been transitioning onto the team since
late 2023.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to begin taking in all of the information I’ve
been learning about Farm Credit and FCCS,” says Paula. “I’m especially interested in
seeing how the Steering Committees’ work informs content development and then
experiencing the FCCS events, meeting our constituents and hearing their feedback
and insights.”

Given the event leadership change, this year’s programs are being planned further
in advance than usual, with keynote speakers already selected for the full roster of
events (see sidebar). Other expert presenters are being booked to round out what
promises to be a robust series of events.

“This year’s conferences will again deliver relevant, forward-looking content in an
environment conducive to the networking that makes all of our jobs a little easier
and for which our events are known,” says Jean. “Joette’s wealth of knowledge and
experience have left an indelible legacy on our conferences, growing them into an
immeasurable brand builder and differentiator. This year, once again, she’s done a
tremendous job putting together an exceptional program of events, and Paula is well prepared and eager to carry our program forward.”

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