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Advanced Leadership Program at Gettysburg Leadership Experience

FCC Services has launched an advanced Gettysburg Leadership Experience program focused on the next phase of the Battle of Gettysburg and on new leadership lessons to be learned from these later experiences.

Called the Gettysburg Leadership Experience: Retreat & Resilience program, the two-day program explores the 10 days following the initial three-day Battle of Gettysburg. The first day focuses on General Lee’s careful retreat, protecting his core through close pursuit and getting his army across the Potomac River and onto to Virginia soil. He took what appeared to be a strategic loss and kept it at a tactical success.

“Retreat isn’t running, it’s often about regrouping and repositioning so you can move forward strategically,” says John Regentin, Senior Consultant in FCC Services’ Organizational Effectiveness Group. “That’s a key lesson from Lee’s retreat that holds true in business today. Many companies face setbacks, but if they keep their eye on their long-term goals and strategies, they can turn around these challenges.”

The program’s second day features insights into President Lincoln’s challenges in repositioning the nation for the hard work still to come after the Union army won at Gettysburg. This “resilience” session addresses the leadership challenges of maintaining momentum, embarking on “unfinished business” and of finding the right people in the organization to move big ideas forward.

Retreat & Resilience offers a continuation of lessons learned in the original Gettysburg Leadership Experience, so is ideal for those who have attended an earlier session.

“Any GLE alumni who have a strong strategic position or level of influence in their organizations can benefit from this program, especially if they’ve experienced a business setback,” John says. “It can also benefit leaders who want to prepare for challenges to come, rather than waiting until they’re in a stress moment when it becomes much more difficult to pivot their thinking.”

Similar to the original GLE program, Retreat & Resilience combines classroom discussion and battlefield visits, including a tour of Lee’s retreat routes that demonstrate the complexity of his undertaking while he needed to work to keep his men motivated.

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