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Current Trends in Cultural Wellness

Across industries, companies are struggling with the return-to-office, enticing employees back to company facilities while working to retain them in a fluid and competitive talent market. Passkey Partner Staples is on the front line of office trends, and says the current environment puts employees more in control than ever.

“During the pandemic, the focus was on getting employees set up at home so business could continue,” says John Tracey, FCCS’ account executive with Staples. “What we’re seeing now is an effort to make both home and company offices appealing to employees in ways that matter to them, in an effort to keep them satisfied and motivated.”

Some organizations have removed cubicle walls, after discussion with employees, reorienting the physical space to encourage collaboration and conversation. One common and simple addition to company offices is a coffee “experience” station, replacing traditional brewed carafes with individual espresso/latte machines. Staples offers Passkey Partners free machines with a commitment to purchase the coffee supplies moving forward.

“Given the market, employees have more say-so and power in how and where they work, and have now experienced the comfort of working from home, so mimicking that experience as much as feasible back in the office creates a positive work environment and culture for returning employees,” says John.

Many organizations incentivise employees to create their own ideal workspace with annual stipends for office tools, supplies and furniture, with the stipends often usable for both in-office and home office set-ups. In contrast to the early pandemic when these purchases were simply to allow work to proceed, the focus now, says John, is on giving employees choice and control.

“Companies are realizing that they need to create a workplace environment their people want, if they expect their teams to want to show up and do their best,” says John. “Employees are looking for a healthy company culture that meets their needs, and that culture is being reshaped through the return-to-office process.”

Staples provides discount pricing and free delivery to Passkey Members, including both individual and corporate Members. Orders are shipped next-day to any home or business address. For more information, visit Staples on Passkey or contact John Tracey at 303.373.2800 or via email.

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