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FCCS Names 2022 Accelerator of The Year

FCCS is pleased to announce Compeer Financial’s Kelly Miller as the 2022 FCCS Accelerator of the Year, an award that recognizes a leader who has made significant contributions to advancing their organization, accelerating change and fostering growth.

This is the third year of the Accelerator of the Year award program, which is open to contributors and leaders at every level who accelerate their organization’s success.

“As we look at the competitive challenges facing Farm Credit organizations, technology continues to be a key differentiator in terms of both the borrower’s experience and the internal efficiencies and scalability of the lender,” said Chad Moller, FCCS CEO. “Kelly

Miller’s success in implementing a financial technology platform demonstrates the commitment, innovation and communication that define an accelerator.”

Miller is Director of AgTech for Compeer, and was nominated for the Accelerator award by the organization’s Chief Diversified Markets Officer Jim Roberge in recognition her success in building the organization’s AgTech Financing business unit. In her role leading this new business unit, the AgTech Financing division booked a 2,000% increase in revenue for 2022, growing to $400 million last year, up from $15 million in 2021. Miller’s nomination was supported by reference letters from Compeer Financial President and CEO Jase Wagner, and the co-founder and CEO of AgVend, a strategic partner that provides digital enablement tools to ag retailers.

“Leading the launch of Compeer’s AgTech Financing division was an enormous opportunity and challenge, and the success the offering has achieved is immensely gratifying as we serve our clients in agriculture,” said Miller. “It’s an honor to be recognized as the Accelerator of the Year, but really the award belongs to the entire team, who collaborated and thought outside of the box to build this innovative business line from the ground up.”

Miller has served as Director of AgTech at Compeer since November 2020, before which she was Strategy and Innovation Manager for nearly three years. Prior to joining Compeer Financial, Miller spent more than 13 years with Farm Credit Services of America. She earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Augustana University in South Dakota.

The Accelerator of the Year Award carries a cash award, which Miller plans to donate to the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota.

FCCS has also named six honorees to the Accelerator of the Year Circle of Excellence in recognition of the strength of their nominations and their contributions to accelerating their organizations.

FCCS will begin accepting nominations for the 2023 Accelerator of the Year in December. To learn more, visit the Accelerator of the Year website.

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