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Fuel Your Career Growth with a Strategic Performance Review

Far too many employees view the performance review like a trip to the principal’s office, failing to see the opportunity it provides to level set and strategize the next step in their career progression. The key to getting the most out of your performance review is being prepared.

During any performance review, be it annual or semi-annual, the employee can expect to hear feedback from their leader about the things they’re doing well and strengths that are contributing to the employee’s and team’s performance. They should also, of course, expect to hear about areas that could be enhanced or improved.

Delivering this feedback is the leader’s responsibility. The employee’s responsibility is to conduct an honest self-assessment of their performance and behavior – where they’ve done well and where they think they can improve – and be prepared to discuss it during the review. Bringing notes is always a good idea, as is being ready to take notes during the meeting.

Most importantly, to get the most out of your review, arrive prepared with a list of career-driving questions that demonstrate your commitment to the organization and to your professional growth.

Demonstrate interest in and commitment to the business and its mission. Sample
questions include:

• How is the business changing in the future?
• What are the overall goals, challenges, and objectives of the organization?
• Where does my role fit into those and how can I be supportive?
• How can I be more helpful to other members of the team?
• How can I add more value to the team and the organization?

Advocate for your professional development with questions like:

• What knowledge and skills do I need to improve in my role?
• What strengths can I leverage?
• What are my development opportunities – where can I improve?
• How can the organization help me reach my development goals? (e.g. training,
mentorship, cross-department projects)

Demonstrate your desire for career growth by asking:
• What opportunities are there, within or outside the department, to take on more
responsibility or lead a project or meeting?
• How can I continue to grow inside my current team or beyond?
• What does my future look like with the organization?
• What advice do you have on how I can continue to grow my career?

Armed with genuine curiosity and the willingness to hear constructive feedback,
employees should approach the performance review as a can’t-miss opportunity
to remind their boss of their accomplishments, share their perspective on their
performance for the year, and set career-advancing, short- and long-term goals.
Asking thoughtful, relevant questions supports a constructive conversation with their
manager about their areas of strength and development, and opens opportunities
for both to discuss ways in which the employee can grow and support the team and
business in the future.

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