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Introducing Accelerate – the Center for Growth and Success

FCCS is excited to introduce Accelerate – the Center for Growth and Success, our new approach to serving our clients with integrated experiential and virtual education and development opportunities from across our service lines.

“The Accelerate Center is a focusing of our collective thinking around the development of excellence through experience, and with our clients centered at the hub of all we offer,” says Jean Cantey Segal, Chief Learning Officer with FCCS. “The result is a more comprehensive assessment of needs, resulting in a synergy of solutions that can ultimately deliver more impact.”

Encompassing consultation, governance and leadership programs, strategic talent management, conferences and events, and experiential learning programs, the Accelerate Center will be a holistic solution for clients – whenever a client engages with FCCS, FCCS consultants will analyze the underlying needs along with the stated goals, and then work together to craft a targeted solution that offers greater efficiency and value.

“Our goal with the comprehensive approach embodied in the Accelerate Center is to catapult clients into a different kind of future as we deliver the learning tools they need to create sustainable growth and sustainable success,” says Lisa Cavanaugh, FCCS Vice President of Leadership Development Experiences. “Combining our offerings in a strategic way, customized as each client needs, creates a powerful, dynamic connection with the content and the results. Ultimately, the Center will help clients be prepared to survive in crisis and to take advantage of disruption and opportunity.”

As an example of the Accelerate Center’s interconnected approach, a client looking for leadership development support may attend an experiential learning program, undertake some personal assessments and have a limited coaching engagement to address specific challenges.

“Now more than ever people need to grow themselves so they’re prepared to seize opportunities, and FCCS has really thought through how the Accelerate Center’s integrated approach will enable that,” says Jean. “We’ll be having more expansive conversations around the needs of our clients and taking a cross-functional look across all our offerings so we can determine what services will contribute the most value to organization and individual success.”

For more information about Accelerate – the Center for Growth and Success, contact Lisa Cavanaugh at 303.721.3270 or visit

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