Accelerator of the Year Awarded to Byron Enix

What are you doing to accelerate the success and growth of your organization? Effective leaders have a win-win mindset that shows in every aspect of their work, and distinguished guest on this episode has proven that this mindset makes all the difference. On this episode of the Forward Thinking Podcast, FCCS CEO Chad Moller is joined by Byron Enix, former CEO of American AgCredit, key leader and recipient of the inaugural Accelerator of the Year Award.

Byron has contributed significantly to the growth, advancement and development of his organization as well as his community, and has joined the podcast to share insights into his forward thinking mindset. From the importance of increasing diversity and engaging in meaningful community involvement to effectively improving company culture and customer relationships, this episode is filled with inspiration and insights that will accelerate the success and growth of any organization, starting today.

Today’s Insights Include:

  • Creating distinction as a leader
  • Challenges and opportunities of portfolio diversity
  • Focusing on community involvement
  • Driving a culture of innovation and growth

Read the full Show Notes.

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