Strategically Shaping the Future

Over the past year, the pandemic required that nearly every aspect of life be put on hold, but the time has come for forward thinking leaders to resume looking to the future. On this episode of The Forward Thinking Podcast, FCCS VP of Marketing and Communications, Stephanie Barton and the Futurist and founder of The Foresight Academy, Jared Nichols delve into what it takes to take control of your future and guide your team in a world that most recently has felt very out of control.

Jared shares insights into the key skills of leaders who are proactively shaping the future, how they effectively strategize with their teams to turn possibilities into victories, and the steps that leaders take to create the future that they want.

Today’s Insights Include:

  • Skills of leaders who shape the future
  • Strategizing for the future
  • Bringing company culture back to center stage
  • Taking the lead in your future

Read the full Show Notes.

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