Bringing an Outside Perspective and New Expertise to the Board

An overly agreeable board of directors may sound nice, but it is exactly the opposite of what a forward-thinking company wants in their boardroom. To help explain what the board of directors should be striving toward instead, on this episode of The Forward Thinking Podcast FCCS VP of Marketing and Communications Stephanie Barton is joined by Jay Lux, VP of Organizational Development at FCCS. Together they examine the differences between management and the board of directors, review the process of finding the right fit for an outside director and highlight the many benefits that can come from being challenged in new and meaningful ways by inviting an outside director into the boardroom.

“Directors need to look to be challenged in the boardroom. If there’s too much agreement it could be that we’re failing to ask ourselves the tough questions.” — Jay Lux

Today’s Insights Include:

  • Distinguishing between management and the board of directors
  • The value of an outside director
  • The process of bringing in an outside director

Read the full Show Notes.

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