Leading Courageously and Influencing Your Followers

Courageous leaders are in greater demand today than ever before, but what exactly does such a powerful leader look like? What do they say and how do they interact with their team? On this episode of The Forward Thinking Podcast FCCS VP of Marketing and Communications Stephanie Barton welcomes Mike Staver, executive leadership coach, author of Leadership Isn’t for Cowards and speaker at the upcoming FCCS Sales Leadership Conference for a conversation about the goals and actions of an impactful leader.

“Culturally and personally, the leader’s job is to be the manager of the story.” — Mike Staver

Today’s Insights Include:

  • Leading courageously in today’s uncertain environment
  • What do leaders need to focus on today?
  • Creating a positive work environment
  • 3 keys to creating a culture of excellence
  • Mike’s tips for leaders and followers

Read the full Show Notes.

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