The Art of Small Talk and Networking with Debra Fine

Networking Conversations – whether you love them or hate them, we all have to participate in them. What feels like a gift to some can be torture for others, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our guest today believes that anyone can learn how to be an exceptional conversationalist. Today our new host Michele Padilla, Director & Senior Leadership Consultant at FCCS is joined by Debra Fine, conference keynote speaker, trainer, and bestselling author of The Fine Art of Small Talk for a discussion about the power of conversation skills, building rapport, and networking.

Debra is an instructor in the FCCS Leading Leaders course, and as an engineer, she has transformed her admiration for people who have the gift of easy conversation into a simple formula that anyone can follow. The skills in her conversation toolbox range from conversation starters, conversation killers, and the questions you can ask anyone to more fully enjoy your conversations, build your network, and earn the trust and possibly even the business of others.

“The time to build a network is not when you’re in need of a network.” — Debra Fine

Insights Include:

  • The why behind honing conversations skills
  • Benefits of learning small talk
  • Traits of the best conversationalists
  • How to start a conversation with anyone
  • The value of networking as a leader
  • Key networking habits of successful leaders

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