Harnessing the Power of Human Attention and Focus

In today's hectic world, with more distractions competing for your attention than ever before, how can you stay focused? How can you get and keep other people's attention? On today's episode of The Forward Thinking Podcast, FCCS Chief Learning Officer Jean Cantey Segal interviews focus expert Curt Steinhorst to discuss harnessing the power of human attention. Your attention is the most valuable resource that you have, and Curt understands the need for increased focus in today's world.

Steps to cultivate greater focus:

  • Leaders set the standards — address the issues directly.
  • Limit meetings — scheduling excessive meetings keeps people from getting their work done.
  • Identify how information is being shared digitally across the company.
  • Company culture can be maintained without increasing digital communication — your employees are not connecting as a group in a meeting that no one is paying attention to.
  • Asynchronous videos and one-on-one connections are more effective than another group meeting.
  • Create focused work environments that provide what people need to create a collaborative work culture.

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