Finding Your Network and Mentoring Others with Janet Riggs

Surrounding yourself with wise mentors and a strong network can be the key to a successful career. But how can you develop these relationships? Today's host John Regentin, Senior Consultant at FCCS is joined by the 14th President of Gettysburg College, and faculty of Women of Distinction at Gettysburg Janet Riggs for a conversation about the power of networks and mentors. Janet is a featured speaker at the FCCS Gettysburg Leadership Experience Women of Distinction program and has joined this episode of the podcast to share her insights into the power of finding your network and mentoring others.

She shares her experiences of being pushed to higher levels with the encouragement of mentors, the support she found within positive and constructive networks, and the advice that she has for others when establishing and developing these valuable relationships in your career.

“Don’t underestimate your ability to take on new challenges and be successful.” — Janet Riggs

Insights Include:

  • The role of mentors in your career
  • The value of your building your network
  • How to build sustainable relationships
  • Sound advice from networks and mentors
  • Seeking guidance through challenging decisions
  • Keeping your networks strong
  • Advice for women who are facing career choices
  • Advice for your younger self

Read the full Show Notes.

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