The Future of Digital Transformation with Scott Klososky

The future of digital transformation is the future of business, the workforce, and the world. Today’s host FCCS Chief Learning Officer Jean Cantey Segal welcomes Future Point of View thought leader and speaker Scott Klososky, for a conversation about the future of digital transformation over the next five to ten years. Scott works to help companies understand how technology can be harnessed to create a bright and prosperous future, and he has joined this episode to share insights into what exactly companies can expect in the digital future, how to prepare for these rapidly approaching changes, and how to utilize technology to strengthen customer and company relationships.

“Technology in general will free humanity to be more human.” — Scott Klososky

Insights Include:

  • The rapidly advancing pace of digital transformation
  • Advice for the leaders in any organization
  • The future of the digital backbone and the digital halo
  • Creating a personalized digital experience
  • Changes to ag lending in the next 10 years
  • Navigating a VUCA world
  • Rise of the centaur
  • Scott’s forward thinking advice – Take time to go off the grid

Read the full Show Notes.

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