Tools and Strategies for Effectively Navigating Change with Lauren Croucher

The last 10 years has seen rapid changes to processes, projects and positions. And as essential as it is to keep up with change, it’s even more essential to ensure that your team is on board with you. People care about how change is going to impact them personally, and leaders need the tools and strategies that will help them and their team navigate change.

On this episode of The Forward Thinking podcast, Stephanie Barton is joined by RevGen Partners senior manager Lauren Croucher for a conversation about the tools that can help any leader effectively navigate change. From evolving with the rapid changes that we have all experienced during the pandemic to embracing your team’s latest initiative roll-out, their conversation is filled with advice that can help leaders effectively manage change.

“If you’re going to spend that much time and resources to build the thing, let's make sure people are going to actually do the thing.” — Lauren Croucher

Insights Include:

  • Effectively managing change
  • The right time to formally approach change
  • Involving your team in the change process
  • Effective change must-dos and don’ts

Read the full Show Notes.

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