Special Edition: Fireside Chat with FCCS Forward Thinkers

All that has really changed recently is everything. 2022 is a year of new opportunities, and it's all about pressing forward to the future. In this special edition Forward Thinking podcast, host Jean Cantey Segal welcomes Leslie Hilton, Jay Lux, and Lisa Cavanaugh to introduce the consultants from the FCCS Consulting Network and kick off the new year. In a fireside chat format, together they discuss forward thinking and future forward advice for leaders, directors, and teams as we all move forward into 2022. They highlight ways that leaders can take advantage of the opportunities of the new year and help organizations energize their leadership and their governance, strengthen their cultures, and create a distinct competitive advantage.

“Embrace what you don't know and use that curiosity to learn something new.” — Lisa Cavanaugh

Key Insights:

  • Set achievement-oriented goals instead of chasing perfection.
  • Work-life integration needs clear boundaries in order to be successful.
  • Leaders need to create space for reflection, thought and strategic planning.
  • Connection building and psychological safety are critical to successful forward thinking

Read the full Show Notes.

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