Best Practices for Performance Reviews

It’s that time of year again. Performance reviews are upon us, and without the proper preparation, even the best leaders can miss this valuable opportunity to make meaningful connections with their team members. In this episode of The Forward Thinking podcast, host Stephanie Barton, VP Marketing and Communications, FCCS is joined by Jeannie Clinkenbeard, Director and Senior Leadership Consultant, FCCS for a conversation about best practices for performance reviews.

Forward-thinking leaders know why performance reviews are important, how to maximize their effectiveness and how to use them to engage their employees. Their conversation is filled with best practices and advice to help ease the stress and provide a clear structure for upcoming performance reviews to make the process a little less painful and a lot more effective for everyone involved.

“Managers and leaders need to look at these as an opportunity to connect with your employees, to give them encouragement and put them on a path for success.” — Stephanie Barton

“Every employee wants to know that what they do is relevant.” — Jeannie Clinkenbeard

Insights Include:

  • Why are performance reviews important and how have they changed?
  • Key elements of a successful performance review
  • How to prepare for a more effective evaluation
  • Considerations for the environment of a performance review
  • Questions for the leader to ask
  • How to approach the difficult aspects of a performance review
  • Wrapping up a performance review in a positive way
  • Key things to avoid during a performance review

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