Building Better Teams with the 2021 Accelerator of the Year Award Recipient

In this episode of The Forward Thinking podcast, host Jay Lux, VP of Organizational Development at FCCS is joined by Kayla Robinson, winner of the 2021 Accelerator of the Year Award. Kayla serves as COO with AgTexas Farm Credit Services and has joined the podcast for a conversation about her experiences with agriculture, her success with building teams, and how forward thinking leaders can accelerate growth and success in any organization.

The FCCS Accelerator of the Year Award is presented to a forward thinking leader who is working to make a difference in their organization by accelerating them beyond the norm and into the future. The award recipient focuses on growth and development within their organization and within the community at large.

“Understanding the why behind what we do carries us through the difficult moments.” — Kayla Robinson

Insights Include:

  • Building better teams
  • Building relationships in your community
  • Enhancing the employee experience
  • Leading in times of chaos or uncertainty

Read the full Show Notes.

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