Creating High Quality Writing That Gets a Response

With an average of 120 emails received by employees every day, the ability to share information and ideas in an effective way is critical. But what makes an effective email, and how can you know if your writing style needs a little tweaking?

In this episode of The Forward Thinking podcast, host Heather Tseng, Passkey Marketing & Sales Director is joined by author and founder of KDVM Communications Karen Macdonald for a conversation about how to create high quality writing that gets a response. By enhancing individual communication and focusing on the needs, questions, and efforts of the recipient, you will be able to craft communications that reflect your company culture, strengthen your connections, and help you get the response you’re seeking.

“Every email you send is interrupting your employee’s workflow, so make them better.” — Karen Macdonald

Insights Include:

  • Why is good written communication so important?
  • Overcoming the hurdles to effective writing
  • Structuring emails to get the response you want
  • Traps to avoid in your writing
  • Steps to improving your writing now
  • Improving internal and external company communication

Read the full Show Notes.

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