The Connected Leader

A connected leader is one who is present, vulnerable and inspiring, and today’s digitally distracted and emotionally burnt out teams are looking to their leaders for purpose, authenticity, and connection. In this episode of The Forward Thinking podcast, host Stephanie Barton, VP Marketing and Communications, at FCCS welcomes human behavior expert Colette Carlson, for a conversation about leveraging our connections with others for greater success.

Colette shares a glimpse of her upcoming presentation at the 2022 Learning Conference, The Connected Leader. She addresses ways to engage others in the digitally distracted world that we all have to navigate, how to create a stronger team culture and what to do with the lessons leaders have learned from the pandemic.

“Practicing presence is the most effective way to connect and be a good communicator.” — Colette Carlson

Insights Include:

  • Engaging others in this digitally distracted world
  • Creating a better team culture
  • Earning trust and respect from your team
  • Connection techniques that inspire action
  • Leadership lessons learned from the pandemic

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