The State of the US Economy, Agriculture Transportation and the Risks and Opportunities of Climate Change on the Ag Economy

In this episode of The Forward Thinking podcast, host Stephanie Barton is joined by Joe Somers, Director of Consulting in Agribusiness, Chris Varvares, VP and Co-head of US Economics and Paul Bingham, Director, Transportation Consulting all with IHS Markit, now a part of S&P Global. They have come together for a conversation about three critical topics in the US economy - agriculture transportation, climate change, and the ag economy specifically.

“The US is facing a very sharp timing of financial conditions, whether its rising interest rates, weakness in the stock market or rise in the US dollar.” — Chris Varvares

Insights Include:

  • The current state of the US economy
  • The impact of climate change on ag transportation
  • The challenges of infrastructure and transportation
  • The impact of market shifts and geopolitics on agriculture transportation
  • Climate change risks to the ag economy
  • Tackling the long game

Read the full Show Notes.


  • IHS Markit, now part of S&P Global, has been a longtime Passkey Partner. They serve Farm Credit by delivering insights and leading data and technology solutions to address the most difficult challenges of financial markets. In recent years, IHS Markit has provided stress-testing scenarios to Farm Credit entities, helping them gain a complete picture of risk in their lending portfolio. Some recent analyses have focused on incorporating climate and geopolitical risks into scenario design and stress-testing practices.
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