Mergers Mastered: Expert Advice on Successful Leadership Through a Merger

In this special edition episode of The Forward Thinking podcast, host Jean Cantey Segal, Chief Learning Officer, FCCS welcomes Jay Lux, Vice President of Leadership & Organizational Development for FCCS, Leslie Hilton, Vice President of Governance and Board Development, and Angie Coleman, Organizational Development Consultant with FCCS. In a roundtable format, they discuss their insights on mergers and strategic alliances. They introduce best practices to help teams, leaders, and board members navigate and thrive in the midst of a merger.

“There needs to be some really thoughtful strategies in place when two organizations are trying to merge together.” — Angie Coleman

“Thorough, consistent communication at every level of the organization, particularly at the senior leadership team, that all matches up, is critical.” — Jay Lux

“Try to make every exercise, every activity, every decision around a merger something that has really received thoughtful, insightful treatment.” — Leslie Hilton

Insights Include:

  • Successfully combining two company cultures
  • Effective communication during a merger
  • Leadership advice for enhanced communication
  • The director perspective on mergers
  • Insightful questions to ask during a merger

Read the full Show Notes.

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