The Intersection of Climate Risk and Ag Lending

Climate risk is hardly a new concept, and the ag industry is always looking for ways to mitigate and adapt to the ongoing changes and increased risk exposures facing farmers today. In this episode of The Forward Thinking podcast, host Stephanie Barton, VP of Marketing and Communications at FCCS is joined by Chris Peacock, CEO and founder of Agcor for a conversation about the various aspects of climate risk and its implications for the ag lending industry. Together they explore the ways that the four major trends of generational shift, climate events, regulatory forces, and the rise of digital competition are all shaping the landscape of agricultural lending and its approach to climate risk.

“All of this adaptation and mitigation requires financing, it requires money to make the changes that are necessary to live in this new environment.” — Chris Peacock

Insights Include:

  • Defining Climate Risk in the Ag Lending Space
  • Why is Climate Risk Such a Hot Topic Now?
  • Benefits to Ag Lenders of Increasing Climate Focus
  • Climate Related Policies that Will Impact Ag Lending
  • Trends in the World of Water
  • Understanding and Applying Climate Data

Read the full Show Notes.

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