Delivering World-Class Customer Service: Lessons from the Mouse

Customers today have more choices than ever before, creating a flooded market that is filled with commodities. So, what can organizations do to stand out in the crowd? The answer is simple, just ask Mickey Mouse. In this episode of The Forward Thinking podcast, host Stephanie Barton, VP of Marketing and Communications at FCCS welcomes author, consultant, and former Walt Disney World Company executive Dennis Snow. Dennis has world-class insights into differentiating your service in a way that attracts and retains customers and their loyalty, and insights into ways that leaders can hire and train the kinds of employees that will deliver the customer experience that creates long-lasting loyalty.

“Once you’ve defined what the customer experience is supposed to be, you can put behaviors to it pretty easily, and that’s what the world class organizations have done.” — Dennis Snow

Insights Include:

  • Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience
  • Teaching Employees Customer Service Skills
  • Making the Customer Experience Part of Company Culture
  • Execution Made Easy

Read the full Show Notes.

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