Selling in Turbulent Times

Times of uncertainty can make it very difficult to maintain momentum, but it is in these moments it is crucial that we don’t let these disruptions paralyze us. A proactive approach to overcoming challenges is key. In this episode of The Forward Thinking podcast, host Stephanie Barton, VP of Marketing and Communications at FCCS is joined by Business Performance Coach Michael Vickers. Michael will be speaking at the upcoming FCCS 2023 Sales Leaders Conference and has joined the podcast today to discuss tactics for navigating through turbulent times. He offers advice for focusing on goals and executing a plan with minimal distractions to achieve maximum productivity.

“We want to become heroes to the people we serve and help them become heroes to the people they serve.” — Michael Vickers

Insights Include:

  • The Impact of the Pandemic on Sales
  • Exceeding Client Expectations in Challenging Times
  • The Importance of Strong Client Relationships
  • Tactics for Differentiating Against the Competition
  • Building a Team that is Focused on Growth
  • Appealing to Every Generation in the Marketplace

Read the full Show Notes.

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