How Change Disrupts Industry

It can be hard to see change coming, but there are patterns in the way change disrupts an industry that, when identified, can help to empower an organization to prepare for what’s coming and be prepared to act. In this episode of The Forward Thinking podcast, host Stephanie Barton, VP of Marketing and Communications at FCCS sits down with Vance Crowe, Organizational Strategist and CEO at Articulate Ventures for a look at how your organization can better prepare for change and create a shared language to facilitate open, meaningful and necessary conversations. Vance will be speaking at the upcoming FCCS Director Leadership Conference in Nashville, and in this conversation he offers a look inside his session “The Edge of Chaos: Where and How Society Changes”.

“When you’re trying to spot patterns of change in your industry you really have to do things that are uncomfortable.” — Vance Crowe

Insights Include:

  • Defining the Edge of Chaos
  • The Challenge of Preparing for Change
  • Creative Tactics for Excelling in the Face of Change
  • Identifying Patterns of Change
  • Having Conversations that Encourage Innovation and Change
  • Creating an Effective Shared Language

Read the full Show Notes.

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