Modern Leadership Lessons from a Historic Expedition of Discovery

In this time of pandemic and constant change, today’s leaders need to be prepared to face a future that is largely a mystery. There is no greater example of effectively leading a team into the unknown than that of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. On today’s episode of The Forward Thinking Podcast, FCCS VP of Marketing and Communications Stephanie Barton interviews CEO of RealTime Performance, Inc. and host of The Good Life Podcast Sean Murray. Sean has been partnering with FCCS on the soon-to-launch Lewis and Clark Experience and has valuable insights that can be used as a metaphor to teach effective leadership in today’s world. Sean shares insights into this high-performing team and the actions that led to their ultimate success. From defining a vision and building a diverse team to journaling and overcoming burnout, there are powerful and relevant lessons to be learned from this incredible leadership team and their awe-inspiring journey.

Today’s Insights Include:

  • Looking to the Lewis and Clark expedition to teach leadership
  • The relevance of the Lewis and Clark expedition today
  • Surprising lessons learned from the expedition
  • The Lewis and Clark Virtual Experience

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