Celebrating Successes - The 50th Episode!

Watch the special edition of the 50th Podcast Episode with Ryan Avery, Keynote Speaker, hosted by Stephanie Barton, VP, Marketing & Communications, FCCS.

Welcome to the 50th episode of The Forward Thinking Podcast. Our guest today is THE original guest from episode one, Keynote Speaker Ryan Avery. Ryan has been partnering with FCCS for the Go From A Leader to THE Leader Online Strategic Communications Program and is THE Keynote Speaker at many of the FCCS conferences. Today we’re talking about celebrating! Celebrating success can happen in the face of adversity or failure, it can highlight appreciation for hard work, serve as a morale booster and help foster an excellent team culture. Together Stephanie and Ryan discuss the value of celebrating, the power of storytelling, and the importance of expressing gratitude to your team for not only the work they accomplish but the effort they put into it along the way.

“Celebrating helps you acknowledge that you are participating. You’re not on the sidelines.” — Ryan Avery 

Insights Include:

  • Being THE
  • The Power of Celebrating Successes
  • Celebrating Through Storytelling
  • Creating a Culture of Acknowledgement and Success
  • Expressing Gratitude for Your Team
  • Measuring and Quantifying Success

Read the full Show Notes.

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