The Habit Advantage

Carefully cultivated positive habits have the power to transform our personal and professional lives. On this episode of The Forward Thinking Podcast, FCCS VP of Marketing and Communications Stephanie Barton is joined by FCCS Senior Consultant and Director Jeannie Clinkenbeard. Jeannie is also the lead facilitator of the FCCS Leading Self and Leading Leaders Programs. Together Stephanie and Jeannie explore actionable strategies and expert advice to help positive transformation through the power of habits. They discuss the potential for continuous growth and achievement with the habit-building secrets that can elevate your career and enrich your professional and personal journey.

“Good habits tend to create other good habits.” — Jeannie Clinkenbeard

Insights Include:

  • The significance of habits
  • Cultivating team habits
  • Overcoming habit roadblocks
  • Identifying and implementing positive habits
  • Habit building as a leader

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