Your Presence as a Link to Success

Leaders who want to inspire confidence and drive success know that presence is an essential part of their leadership. On this episode of The Forward Thinking Podcast, FCCS SVP of Marketing and Communications Stephanie Barton is joined by Sally Williamson, CEO of Sally Williamson & Associates, speaker, and executive presence expert for a conversation about the missing link to your success as a leader or communicator – your presence. She highlights what presence is and what it isn’t, who your presence is really about, and what forward thinking leaders can do to improve their performance in today’s evolving workplace.

“Presence is less about pushing out and much more about pulling people in.” – Sally Williamson

Insights Include:

    • Defining presence and its importance to leaders
    • Executive brand vs. executive presence
    • The 3 C’s of developing key components of presence
    • The effective of presence on employee engagement
    • Common presence pitfalls and how to overcome them

Read the full show notes.

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