Thriving Through Change: Strategies for Change Agility

Change can be uncomfortable and uncertain, but there are strategies and techniques that can help build resilience and adaptability in the face of unexpected challenges or disruptions. On this episode of The Forward Thinking Podcast, FCCS SVP of Marketing and Communications Stephanie Barton is joined by Nicole Brusewitz, FCCS’ VP of Leadership Development, Learning and Consulting Services for a discussion about taking an intentional approach to managing change, including pitfalls to avoid and tactics to foster an environment of continuous evolution while prioritizing employee wellbeing and avoiding burnout.

“By shifting our perspective on change and reframing discomfort as an opportunity, we are faced with the opportunity for growth and can see change in a new way.” — Nicole Brusewitz

Insights Include:

    • Navigating the uncertainty of change
    • Strategies for building resilience and adaptability
    • Cultivating a mindset of change agility
    • Embracing the frequent change of technological advances
    • Avoiding change pitfalls
    • Bright spots as a catalyst in change

Read the full show notes.

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