Accelerate 2050: The Future of Agriculture

Where is agriculture headed? What developments will shape the future of the ag industry and which technologies will dominate agriculture? On this episode of The Forward Thinking Podcast, FCCS SVP of Marketing and Communications Stephanie Barton welcomes Mitch Frazier, CEO of AgriNovus and a veteran of both the tech and ag worlds, for a conversation about what lies ahead for agriculture and the trends that will lead ag into the next decade.

“Why is this the economy we should spend time on? Because it’s the only economy that we’re all connected to, ideally, three times a day.” — Mitch Frazier

Insights Include:

    • Key developments in the recent past of ag bioscience
    • Advances and changes in the future of food and ag industries
    • Characteristics of additional change drivers
    • The future of food security
    • Food opportunities in the future
    • Continually driving innovations

Read the full show notes.

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