Developing Leadership Resiliency — Lessons from Lewis & Clark

As leaders continue to guide their teams into the unknown of the future, the most essential leadership skills they need can be found in the past. On today’s episode of The Forward Thinking Podcast, FCCS VP of Marketing and Communications Stephanie Barton interviews Jeff Ton, speaker, author, IT professional, explorer, host and guest of numerous podcasts. Jeff is also a key collaborator on the FCCS transformative leadership development opportunity, The Lewis and Clark Virtual Experience. In their conversation, Jeff highlights several of the timeless leadership lessons that can be gleaned from Lewis and Clark and their relevance to today’s leaders. He offers insights into the importance of developing resilience as a leader, how to pivot, collaborate, and handle disagreements, and how to lead your team into the future with the confidence and skills of some of history’s greatest leaders.

Today’s Insights Include:

  • The relevance of the Lewis and Clark story today
  • The greatest challenges for today’s leaders
  • Developing resilience and handling disagreements as leaders

Read the full Show Notes.

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