Success isn’t accidental. Organizations that win in the marketplace build a forward-looking strategic plan and empower their employees to implement it.

Strategic Planning delivers a competitive advantage, enabling you to align team efforts, optimize resources and navigate uncertainty. When based on an accurate assessment of internal strengths and weaknesses and an insightful appraisal of industry and economic factors, a strong strategic plan supports:

  • Alignment and Focus – Point every employee toward the same goals with an understanding of how each initiative, and they, fit into the bigger picture.
  • Resource Allocation – Put your people and technology to work on the right projects at the right time for optimal impact.
  • Agility and Innovation – Encourage creative ideas informed by a big-picture, strategic viewpoint.
  • Anticipating and Responding to Changes – Empower employees to maneuver within your strategic framework to keep projects, and the business, moving forward, whatever hurdles crop up.
  • Differentiation – Identify new opportunities to deliver more value to your members

Strategic Planning Support from FCCS

FCCS strengthens cooperatives’ strategic planning preparation by bringing expert insight, outside perspective and professional facilitation to make sure you get the most value from your leaders and your planning session.

  • Planning calls with executive and board leaders to identify areas of focus for the strategic planning session
  • Insight on industry trends and challenges, as learned from our work with numerous Farm Credit and agricultural cooperatives
  • Advice and suggestions for expert speakers to educate and inspire your team
  • Agenda development to cover key topics in an order that encourages strategic thought and discussion
  • Active onsite facilitation to ensure everyone can contribute
  • Session documentation, including an optional strategy map, to summarize the work completed and support development of the strategic plan document

Expert Planning and Facilitation Team

The individual working with you to devise an effective strategic planning session is essential. Our Consultants are experts in their fields, offering:

  • Deep insight into agriculture and financial industry trends and issues
  • Extensive experience working with Farm Credit and agricultural cooperatives
  • Continually honed expertise in best practices in strategic planning, group dynamics and facilitation
  • Professional, friendly and focused support for your planning session and business success

Get Started

Prepare to get the most out of your next strategic planning session by contacting Jean Cantey Segal at 303.721.3278 or via email.

FCCS brings an unbiased expertise as well as a deep understanding of Farm Credit and the challenges we face. They raise forward thinking topics and potential speakers that can help us keep a competitive mindset and anticipate what trends and pressures may impact us.” - Tracy Sparks, CEO, Yosemite Farm Credit

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