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Better Board Meetings with OnBoard

Cooperative boards of directors play an essential leadership role that carries significant responsibility. Passkey Partner OnBoard helps boards complete their formal duties more efficiently so they have more time to focus on strategic issues and effectively guiding their organization.

“Boards have a duty of care to support their organization’s overarching mission,” says Rob Kunzler, OnBoard’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Our job is to use enabling technology to provide tools to make the administrative processes easier and more effective. Our platform enables boards to better manage their governance activities and make their meetings more informed and less complicated.”

OnBoard’s board management software streamlines the planning and preparation effort required for each board meeting. It automates agenda and meeting minute creation and distribution, and manages Director approvals and voting. It also supports board governance itself, with included D&O questionnaires to ensure compliance, meeting analytics to identify where the board spends its time and a board self-assessment feature for ongoing improvement.

Earning consistently high reviews, OnBoard focused extensive effort on creating an optimal user experience for each defined role. Directors can easily create and locate documents relative to their specific committee assignment as well as general board materials.

“Boards have been around for hundreds of years fulfilling the same important function,” says Rob. “That doesn’t mean board processes should remain rooted in the past when we have the technology to improve the Director experience. We hear from our clients that they’re able to spend more time on strategic conversations instead of administrative tasks so they’re adding more value to their organizations.”

OnBoard is an integrated platform, replacing the ad hoc approaches still used by many cooperatives – rather than creating an agenda in Word, distributing it via email and accessing video conferencing as a separate step, OnBoard enables all these steps to happen within its single, comprehensive system, integrated with related business software like Microsoft 365, Zoom and DocuSign.

OnBoard was purpose-built to support board effectiveness, and is enabling superior board performance by nearly a quarter of Farm Credit organizations, some for more than five years. The solution is in place at more than 800 financial institutions.

For more information on OnBoard, contact Michael Head at 317.514.5656 or via email, or visit OnBoard’s Passkey webpage.

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