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Enhance Your Customer and Employee Experiences with the Perfect Gift

Like a traditional wedding favor or party gift bag, a well-considered gift at customer, employee or public events can help solidify your attendees’ positive experience, strengthen engagement and offer a lasting reminder of your brand.

“When you select the right item that works for your brand and your audience, they’ll appreciate the gift and remember the experience that came with it,” says Jessica White, a branding specialist with Logobranders, a Passkey Partner. “Our team is here to help Passkey Members select an impactful item that fits the budget and the event.”

Some Logobranders clients start with the theme of their event and then seek to enhance it with an appropriate gift. For example, FCCS holds an annual employee chili cook-off, and to continue the tradition through the pandemic, worked with Logobranders to deliver branded wooden spoons along with ingredients from the Women’s Bean Project and held Chili Night remotely via Zoom.

“The whole event was heartwarming, a great employee experience,” says Heather Tseng, FCCS Affinity Program Sales & Marketing Director. “It helped us feel connected while we were working remotely, and seeing the spoon in the kitchen drawer is a reminder of that.”

To support a Hawaiian themed event, Logobranders produced flower leis to enhance the festivities, sending attendees home with a colorful reminder. Another client designed t-shirts with an inside joke for a team-building event, using humor to bring people closer throughout the office.

Logobranders can also help develop the theme for a client experience, working around the season or location, external activities like sporting events or planned events like customer meetings. For example, with the idea of giving away luggage grips that make roller bags easier to pull, a travel theme is a natural outcome.

They’ve also provided a variety of items to enhance Farm Credit customer appreciation barbeques, from branded wet-wipes for use at the event to aprons and grill tools for attendees to use at home.

“A strategically selected gift at an employee or customer experience makes recipients feel appreciated and builds ongoing connection and engagement,” says Jessica.

Jessica and her team meet with new product vendors every week, identifying those whose product quality meets Logobrander’s standards and whose items are original and relevant. They then order samples to ensure the quality level is consistent.

“We’re able to get the highest quality items at the best prices for the lowest ordered quantities because of our overall order volume and our long-standing reputation,” says Jessica. “We stand behind our products and know our vendors personally, so if there’s ever a problem with a client’s order, we’ll make sure to fix it.”

For more information about Logobranders products, contact Jessica White at
334-277-1144 or via email. Visit Logobranders’ website for inspiration by the vast array of branded merchandise.

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