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Introducing Agcor – Purpose-Designed Data Powerhouse

Data is only valuable if it’s accessible and has context, and is most powerful when it’s integrated across systems and operational functions. Agcor’s purpose-designed software platform does just that, enabling Farm Credit lenders to better understand credit risks, complete appraisals, engage with borrowers and increase sales.

Developed with extensive, years-long involvement from several Farm Credit association partners, Agcor aggregates data from multiple public sources and internal systems to empower strategies and decisions. The solution integrates easily with existing loan origination, CRM and other systems, improving workflow and efficiencies as well as offering insight into customer opportunities.

“We’ve custom-built this solution to meet Farm Credit’s need for actionable, integrated data that strengthens customer relationships and helps build opportunities,” says Chris Peacock, Agcor’s founder and CEO. “Agcor supports decisions and actions across the organization, from sales through collateral appraisal and closing, and on throughout the entire customer relationship.”

As an example, Agcor’s geospatial capacity can inform a loan officer of newly available farmland adjacent to an existing customer’s, and can bring the expansion opportunity to them proactively. Appraisers can easily view relevant comparative sales, and the credit team can quickly run risk analysis without cobbling together data from multiple sources and spreadsheets.

“Because we integrate all the public and client data streams into one system, it’s easy for users at every stage of the customer relationship to draw out usable knowledge to inform their decisions,” says Chris.

The geospatial view enables clients to visualize their loan portfolios on a map, and they can run analytics around real world activity. Combined with the built-in climate intelligence feature, loan officers can identify customers who have been hit by a weather event and can proactively offer support to deepen the relationship. The extensive reporting feature keeps leaders, auditors and risk management teams informed. Overall, workflow is improved, reducing the number of systems and keyboard clicks needed to access information to move customer relationships, and the business, forward.

Agcor is now offering all Passkey Member organizations free access to test the basic functionality, which can support loan origination, appraisals and risk management – there is a short wait-time after signing up as the company is building locationspecific data sets as needed to support these requests. Agcor’s more powerful functionality requires mapping client data to Agcor data sets, which can take as little as a week or as long as a few months, and is supported by Agcor’s experienced implementation team.

While initially developed in conjunction with Farm Credit association partners, Agcor continues to solicit client input on how to further develop and improve its solution. Beyond individual client input over the past five years and moving forward, the company meets regularly with its Customer Advisory Board and hosts an annual users conference. It’s also moving the solution to an open core platform to make the source code available for customer IT teams to customize functionality even further.

“We’re dedicated to evolving our solution to continue to meet ag lenders’ needs for efficient workflows and powerful insights into customer operations and opportunities,” says Chris. “Our goal is to future-proof organizations so they can build into the future using current and emerging technology to inform their decisions.”

For more information on Agcor, contact Chris Peacock via email, or visit their
Passkey webpage.

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