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Introducing FarmLand Title

Closings for Farm Credit home and property loans will get considerably faster with the launch of FarmLand Title, a new subsidiary of the Farm Credit Captive Insurance Company that offers expedited title insurance at a lower premium cost.

“FarmLand Title arose from requests from several Farm Credit associations for help in solving loan closing delays related to the issuance of title insurance as part of the loan closing process, a strong example of FCCS listening to our clients and creating a solution that will support them into the future,” says Chad Moller, FCCS CEO and

FarmLand Title Board Chair. “FCCS is often in the unique position to provide new and value-added services because of our understanding of Farm Credit and the expertise of our team, in this case our 40+ years of providing a wide variety of insurance services to the System.”

Required for every property loan, commercial providers can take days or even weeks to deliver a title commitment as they strive to reduce their risk with extensive research, including physically searching county records. Itself a captive insurance company, FarmLand Title is able to take on more risk than the commercial market, employing a streamlined process that relies on the borrower’s credit history and current documentation, enabling title insurance delivery oftentimes in mere hours.

“As a wholly owned subsidiary of FCCS, FarmLand Title has a deep understanding of Farm Credit’s customers and their credit and loan profile, and is confident taking on more risk in the title insurance process,” says Lori Bosanko, FCCS Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, and President of FarmLand Title.

This efficiency means Farm Credit’s property loans will close more quickly, a competitive advantage with customers that also benefits the lenders by getting funds flowing sooner. And because FarmLand Title is a Captive insurance company, its’ focus is on providing a value-added benefit to its clients and is able to offer reduced title insurance premiums.

As a nascent enterprise, FarmLand Title is currently being piloted with select Associations with plans to roll out more broadly later this year. For more information, contact Lori Bosanko at 303.721.3237 or via email.

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