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The FCCS Consulting Network Announces Sally Williamson & Associates as a New Affiliate Consultant

The FCCS Consulting Network is proud to announce a new addition to our cohort of consultants: Sally Williamson & Associates (SW&A).

Communication is an all-encompassing skill that affects every employee through meetings, presentations, and the personal impressions that develop across an organization. SW&A is a leading resource for improving the impact of spoken communications.

SW&A offers training programs and coaching that blend personal development with bottom-line results. They have already helped numerous Farm Credit entities to increase the influence and impact of their communication. Select areas of expertise include:

Tailored Training Programs: Tailored coaching programs are the trademark of SW&A. Applying SW&A’s proven foundational tools to your group’s setting and scenarios will result in a bespoke solution for significant skill building.

Executive Communications Coaching: This custom coaching program focuses on the individual. Through understanding his or her strengths and inconsistencies, SW&A creates a tailor-made plan to maximize the individual’s communication proficiency.

Storyline & Message Development: Sometimes, companies jump ahead of training and development and look for a resource who can deliver immediate impact. Whether you’re trying to unite an organization, position a new direction, or bring others along on the journey, SW&A has bona fide communication experts to craft messages, package your innovative ideas, and create the compelling storyline that gets remembered and repeated.

To learn more about SW&A, their capabilities, programs, and recent work with Farm Credit organizations, please visit or email

Listen to our recent FCCS Forward Thinking podcast with Sally Williamson: Your Presence as a Link to Success. In this episode, you’ll learn what presence is and how you can improve your performance in today’s ever evolving workplace.

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